The Newts: Cory, Steph, Marlee, and Brody

"Let them be little, because they're only that way for a while."

Monday, April 12, 2010

It's a miracle!

I could name a million excuses for not posting, and who knows when I'll post again, but here is a little update of our family. Right now I'm 32 weeks pregnant with a girl. We're really excited, especially Marlee, who can't wait to have a sister. Cory is really busy with work and coaching the Upper Valley Vikings, a semi-pro football team in this area. He's also working on getting his teaching certification and finishing his MBA. Marlee is four, and is still one of a kind. She loves to sing and wants to go to Hollywood like the people on American Idol. She told me the other day that the reason I'm going to have a baby is because I eat too much food, which is true. We love that girl so much. Brody is starting to get a little attitude now that he can talk, and yell. All of a sudden he can talk in sentences. We're always amazed at what he says. I swear he was just a little baby yesterday. He really loves Lightning McQueen, or Chow in his words. Actually he is obsessed. If I let him he would watch the movie Cars non-stop all day.

We couldn't pass up this photo opportunity.
Cory and Brody with the Easter Bunny. They both look really excited to be there.

My sister and her family came to visit over Easter. Too bad it snowed the entire time they were here. Luckily the Rex had an indoor egg hunt, so the kids could have some fun. Here's Brody and Teegan.

This is totally out of order, so you may want to start at the bottom and work your way up. This is Marlee and Paycen after we went to Disney on Ice. They were so exhausted from a fun night.

Brody was in heaven with the cars. Too bad they weren't on for very long, and he had to sit through all the princess stuff. He kept telling me he wanted to go home.

Kydan, Paycen, and Marlee.

Cheezer Brody checking out the princesses before the show.

Marlee and Ceanna

The cousins all ready to go to the show. They had a blast.

Our cute little princesses.

Sorry I've kind of put two random pictures at the beginning and end of this post. Marlee loves to make forts, and this one she made under the rug and fell asleep. She was all the way under, but we pulled her out to take a picture.


Corianne said...

Love LOVE the pic of Marlee's plumber crack! :0)

Charlie and Cassie said...

haha the pics are awesome! you honestly have beautiful kids! i miss you, but it was so much fun getting to see you and catch up. Id love to play in a vball tournament or something with you. Maybe if there is one in Salt Lake we could do it, if youre ever down this way let me know Id love to play with you!